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Mark Emery Moore

Production Title Shot Name
Adidas Nike vs. Adidas
Outbreak Opening Sequence
Serenity Opening Sequence Aboard the Ship

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  Q & A
Do you remember the first time you saw or heard of the Steadicam?
Yes. I was working with CineTech in Miami. The owner wanted to buy a rig for rental and needed someone to learn how to use it. He chose me.


What was it about the Steadicam that made you want to pursue it as a career?
As I began to understand the system, I realized that it would take a certain amount of balance and strength to master. Those were two of best attributes. I didn't know anything about framing, blocking, lighting, shooting style. I just thought I could do it.


What were you doing prior to Steadicam?
Playing college sports


What were some of the biggest challenges you remember about becoming a Steadicam operator?
Even with natural strength, an operator still needs to develop the muscles that Steadicam requires. And that takes time. One also has to learn how to be a qualified operator, and that takes longer than learning how to master the rig. Much longer.


What are some of the biggest challenges now?
The world of HD has brought in a different mindset with directors and most DP's. That is you will be be in the rig for extended periods of time. I'm not talking minutes. I'm talking hours. And the weight has not become lighter because we switched to HD cameras.


Did you ever have a "big break' moment? A career event that clearly changed or paved the way for everything to follow?
Yes. Becoming the steadicam operator for Michael Ballhaus.


From whom do you take your inspiration? Has that changed over the course of your career?
It does change over time, but the one person who I think about the most and who taught me so much is the late, great Dietrich Lohman.


Is there a shot, film, or moment in your career that you can think of as your most proud?
There are many proud moments with many accolades, but the one I really smile about is the desert shoot Nike vs Adidas.


Is there a shot or film you can recall as being your most challenging? Why?
The desert shoot. Really, really hot, poor footing, sometimes near impossible footing, equipment hauling into deep locations and it was really, really hot, just in case you didn't get that the first time.


What work of your peers do you admire?
McConkey's Goodfellas and Vanities shots, a lot of Jimmy's work.


Many people will say they've tried on a Steadicam once, and immediately thought, "absolutely not." What do you think is different about those of us that say "absolutely"?
Two things; the proper physique (physical ability) and the proper mindset.



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