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Taj Teffaha

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Do you remember the first time you saw or heard of the Steadicam?
Yes, I was a second assistant editor working on an IMAX movie, The Discoverers.


What was it about the Steadicam that made you want to pursue it as a career?
Just about the coolest job on set. After twenty two years of operating, I still get that rush when I nail a shot.


What were you doing prior to Steadicam?
1st. AC


What were some of the biggest challenges you remember about becoming a Steadicam operator?
paying for the darn thing


What are some of the biggest challenges now?
Pleasing everyone


Did you ever have a "big break' moment? A career event that clearly changed or paved the way for everything to follow?
Landing a TV series as A operator / steadicam Boot camp for honing in all aspects of operating


From whom do you take your inspiration? Has that changed over the course of your career?
The instructors that unselfishly shared their knowledge with me and countless other aspiring operators


Is there a shot, film, or moment in your career that you can think of as your most proud?
We all strive for that iconic ONEer. The opening sequence in the movie, Spread, was mine.


Is there a shot or film you can recall as being your most challenging? Why?
The opening sequence in Spread. One of those shots were everything had to come together.


What work of your peers do you admire?
Jimmy Muros zip line shot


Many people will say they've tried on a Steadicam once, and immediately thought, "absolutely not." What do you think is different about those of us that say "absolutely"?
The glory of getting the shot far outweighs the pain.



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