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Javier Rueda

Production Title Shot Name
Inocencia 9m park walkthrough ONEer

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  Q & A
Do you remember the first time you saw or heard of the Steadicam?
Yes. I read it in the final credits of a film. I searched it on internet and realized what a steadicam is.


What was it about the Steadicam that made you want to pursue it as a career?
The perfection and freedom of the movements you can create with it. It's like dancing. Of course, the challenge sometimes is very hard but also very enjoyable.


What were you doing prior to Steadicam?
I was a cinematographer (and I still am).

Usually I use the steadicam as other of my tolls to create the visuals I want. Of course, there are times when I work as steadicam operator only.


What were some of the biggest challenges you remember about becoming a Steadicam operator?
Well, the first time I used a steadicam I almost start crying. I had so many expectations about that moment and, just then, I realized how difficult it is to be a good operator. Of course, it was my fault, because by these times I thought that steadicam works by itself, haha.

Other fact that contributed to this displacing first moment was the poor quality of the lowcost steadicam we rented...


What are some of the biggest challenges now?
Every shooting is a challenge, so I don't know what to say.. Ah, of course, I would like to work in bigger productions!!!


Did you ever have a "big break' moment? A career event that clearly changed or paved the way for everything to follow?
I was a cinematographer in a feature and most of the takes were steadicam. In fact, it was 14 days of steadicam almost full day. So, these days were like a big rollercoaster and I faced a lot of different challenges, improving my skills day by day.


From whom do you take your inspiration? Has that changed over the course of your career?
When i have to face a steadicam take, I previously talked with the director. We ususally talk about sensations as we search references in other movies.

Talking deeply, my inspiration is my passion for cinema. I'm a cinema lover who works in cinema, and I'm very glad about it.


Is there a shot, film, or moment in your career that you can think of as your most proud?
Of course. Every shooting has his big moments, but if I have to keep in mind one of them now, I must talk about a 13' walkthrough ONEer that I did for the movie EMBRYO.

It was very difficult because of the small place we used for the shooting and the long choreography with the actors, including some real time changings in the set's furniture to let me pass thru them.

It was very difficul but we reached it!


Is there a shot or film you can recall as being your most challenging? Why?
The same shot I explained just before.

We spent two days to achieve it, because the actors had a lot of dialogues and we had a hard job with the synchronization between them, the boom operator and me, crossing several times an entire flat with a small rooms and a very ncramped corridor. Rock & roll!


What work of your peers do you admire?
I really love all the aspects of filmmaking, so I admire everyone of my teammates.


Many people will say they've tried on a Steadicam once, and immediately thought, "absolutely not." What do you think is different about those of us that say "absolutely"?
Well, maybe it is because we love the challenge of operating a steadicam. And also because we know that sometimes it is the only way to achieve some kind of cinematographic emotions, so it's truly worthwhile.



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