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Operators Dan Kneece IMDb
Year 1990
Production Links No Site IMDb
Director David Lynch
DP Frederick Elmes
Company PolyGram Filmed Entertainment
Length of Shot 0:23
Submitted by SteadiShots
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Wild at Heart
"Car Run", By Dan Kneece

This is shot, mounted on a vehicle, tracking Cage as he runs across the rooftops of the parked cars. Nicely done at high speed.


Operator's Commentary
This was a very interesting shot as we had been using a Panaglide on this film, but due to a scheduling mixup we weren't able to get one for this day which forced us to use the Gold Panaflex with full studio matte box and my Steadicam Model II. Very heavy I must say. There is quite a lot of Steadicam in Wild At Heart including the famous scene in the now extinct Palamino night club where Nicolas Cage says, "This is a Snake Skin jacket. It's a symbol of my indiviuality and personal freedom." All in all a great film and a wonderful experience.

Equipment Used
Steadicam Model II carrying a Gold Panaflex with John Russell eyepiece tap and Phillips tube camera. Seitz follow focus with Heden motors. 51 pound arm with black springs modified to be adjustable.

Shot Elements


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User Comments
Great shot. You can see the dolly crew reflected in the window of a vehicle as it passes.
Submitted by: floop on 9 Jan, 22
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