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Operator Kirk Gardner IMDb
Year 1995
Production Links No Site IMDb
Director Marc Rocco
DP Fred Murphy
Company Warner Brothers
Length of Shot 3:32
Submitted by SteadiShots
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Murder in the First
"Opening Statements", By Kirk Gardner

In this long one-shot, we track around Slater and the rest of the courtroom as he delivers his opening statement. Virtually every part of the courtroom is not only seen, but walked through in this shot. It is a great example of good set coordination.


Operator's Commentary
Here we go. I must say I was sick as dog when I did this shot. My legs were like wet noodles at the end of every take. I said that I never wanted to watch this take in the film. I closed my eyes when I saw the movie in the theater. This is the first time I have seen the shot, and I felt the pain. The directors wife would massage my legs after each take (with the directors permission of course). And I would drink water, orange juice and take Emergencies. These were hard times gang. I have to say, it is a more complicated shot than I remembered.

Equipment Used
STeadicam. I think everything was moving on that set. I couldn't see it happen because I was watching my monitor

Shot Elements


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