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Average rating 3.96 (8 votes)
Operator Kirk Gardner IMDb
Year 1995
Production Links No Site IMDb
Director Marc Rocco
DP Fred Murphy
Company Warner Brothers
Length of Shot 2:57
Submitted by SteadiShots
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Murder in the First
"The Prison Cell", By Kirk Gardner

This is a truly amazing shot. It really showcases the talent of not only the operator, but the entire crew. As the operator moves about, so does the crew, removing and replacing set pieces, so it appears as though the camera moves right through the bars of the cell. In the final shot, a crane is moved in and we get a birds-eye-view of the cell.


Operator's Commentary
OMG!! I am so honored guys and gals. My peers, my most honest critics, my friends and my competition :). Thank you. Well I must admit it was a difficult shot and I was a young operator at the time. I see things that I would do differently today. Sad news is the director of that film , Marc Rocco died recently. It was his inspiration and imagination that helped form that shot. We rehearsed the shot in sections about 10 times, then we just started burning takes. I think we did about 10 takes, I think that the final shot is number 8. I just remember being very tired after each take. I believe that was shot on a Panavision lightweight (Lightweight my butt.)I beleive the lens is a 27mm. This was 1994 gang, I'm trying to remember as much as possible. The bars were breakaway and slid back into place as I cleared them. No CGI here. Those were the good old days. My favorite part of the shot is simulating the fake elevator stopping. (felt like I was making my own quiet, unapproved contribution to the shot.)

Equipment Used
Panavision lightweight, 27mm, steadicam, Tulip Crane (yes a tulip) it was the smallest crane that could roll into the set and give us the height needed to get up there. A Steadicam AC Emil Hampton (Great guy, super assistant), Steadicam assistant Brian D Thomas. )

Shot Elements
Crane Step On/Off


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