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Operator James Muro IMDb
Year 1989
Production Links No Site IMDb
Director Carl Schenkel
DP Jacques Steyn
Company MGM
Length of Shot 0:35
Submitted by SteadiShots
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Mighty Quinn, The
"Hallways", By James Muro

This is a rather simple shot, leading Denzel down a hallway with a few 90 degree turns. The thing to note in this shot is the movement of the actor. Since the operator and camera cannot get around the corners as fast as the actor can, something has to be done so the two don't collide, or just get uncomfortably close at the corners. Notice in the shot how Denzel takes a split second pause at each corner. He hides it, making it appear as though he is looking around, however, this was a very necessary move to allow Muro to navigate the hallway.


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