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Operators Matías Mesa IMDb
Year 2003
Production Links Official Site IMDb
Director Gus Van Sant
DP Harris Savides
Company HBO Films
Length of Shot 6:09
Submitted by SteadiShots
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"Athletic Fields", By Matías Mesa

This shot, amazingly, begins with an almost 2 minute static hold that is so solid, it can easily be mistaken for a tripod.

As one of the characters leaves frame, the camera follows, and begins a long tracking shot throughout the school grounds -- one of many in this film.

The purpose of a shot like this can only really be appreciated when seen in the context of the entire movie, however, this shot does incorporate several individual impressive elements.

The focus pulling, iris pulling, and speed ramping all illustrate how much of a team effort the Steadicam truly is.


Shot Elements

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User Comments
What a great movie! The cinematography is rather brave and extremely beautiful, the operating is amazing and the focus pulling is not of this world.. they must have shot that movie pretty damn wide open. very reasonable use of the 1.37 : 1 aspect ratio too!
Submitted by: Alex on 7 Apr, 01
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