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Operators Larry McConkey IMDb
Year 1998
Production Links No Site IMDb
Director Brian De Palma
DP Stephen H. Burum
Company Paramount Pictures
Length of Shot 7:36
Submitted by SteadiShots
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Snake Eyes
"Opening Sequence", By Larry McConkey

This is the primary opening sequence of the film. The full opening sequence continues for almost 13 minutes. Within that time, there are 8 well hidden cuts, mostly in either whip pans or something crossing full frame.

The shot here is the first 7 minutes of the opening sequence. This is the part of the sequence containing most of the excellent Steadicam work by McConkey.

This shot, and the sequence as a whole, are excellent examples of a director's vision, and understanding of the tool. Add to that vision, a great amount of trust and collaborative respect for an operator, and you get a shot that people talk about for years to come.


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User Comments
This is actually four shots put together. The cuts are: 1) turning the corner to go down the stairs, 2) Tyler and crew pass in front of the camera, 3) Rick sees Kevin. Amazing work.
Submitted by: Alan Dague-Greene on 6 Dec, 03
The profile tracking on the staircases in this shot is amazing. It almost looks like the camera is connected to the actor, the frame is held so well.
Submitted by: Afton on 6 Sep, 03
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