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Average rating 4.00 (14 votes)
Operators Somsak Srisawat IMDb
Year 2005
Production Links Official Site IMDb
Director Prachya Pinkaew
DP Nattawut Kittikhun
Company Baa-Ram-Ewe
Length of Shot 4:00
Submitted by SteadiShots
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Tom yum goong
"Multi-story Fight", By Somsak Srisawat

This is an amazing shot. It is almost 4 minutes of steady tracking, circling, climbing stairs, following intense fighting, and virtually every other technique available. Shot in 1 take really shows what can be done with the right rehearsal, coordination, and organization....and a little bit of luck.


Operator's Commentary
-Written by Rob Van Gelder, 11/26/05

This was done in an abandoned buiding site, the whole structure, with the stairs was like this. Of course it was all dressed as it was supposed to be an exclusive nightclub.

All the stunts are real, the main actor is incredible, like elastic and can do every asian fighting style. The guy that is thrown out from the second floor fell on a air cushion that was wheeled in after the guy from the first floor was thrown in the little temple down the hall. This was a major operation, the cushion, around 8x8 meters and 2 meters high -had to be wheeled out again for the final top-shot at the 3rd floor.

When I did the rehearsal, I tried to be closer to him, which resulted in one stuntman that crashed right into my rig (bent monitor support) halfway the shot, but i managed to go on till the end. However, I was not able to do it within the 4 minutes for the full roll..... Mind you, it was high summer and about 36-38 Celsius and no airconditioning in his building!

The shot was done on an Arri3, with the 10mm zeiss. What you see here is the TV version, it was widescreen to begin with. In widescreen it would be frequently too wide, in my opinion, but for TV it holds really well.

The second try-out with my colleague Somsak took one day of rehearsing again and the next day they shot it-- in 1 take !!!!


Equipment Used
10mm Zeiss

Shot Elements


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User Comments
This was one of the most memorable fight scenes since Jackie Chans 'Rumble in the Bronx' fights. I remember watching it in amazement not knowing how you could film such a scene, and do it so beautifully. It has also inspired my to look into stedicam/glidecam equipment (though I can;t afford it right now). You inspire me to keep my dreams alive to some day make my own film.
Submitted by: Nathan Q on 9 Jan, 22
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