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Operators Patrick de Ranter IMDb
Year 2001
Production Links Official Site IMDb
Director Jean-Pierre Jeunet
DP Bruno Delbonnel
Company Victoires Productions
Length of Shot 1:17
Submitted by SteadiShots
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"Train Station Chase", By Patrick de Ranter

This shot begins with some great low mode running through a train terminal. It cuts outside where the tracking of the subjects continues using a couple very nice low mode shots vehicle mounted. The shot then cuts to a great crane descent into a close-up.


Operator's Commentary
J-P Jeunet wanted a very low-mode shot. The shot was fast and difficult to synchronize with the actors and the stuntmen. I had decide to put my Steadicam on a dolly called "baby-boule" (see equipment). The key-grip was very good, the stuntmen too. I think we did 3 of my best souvenir on this film...

Equipment Used
Steadicam 3A in low-mode on a "baby-boule" dolly. It's a 3 wheels dolly very light that the dolly-grip can drive from both sides. It's built in France by Cinesyl. The camera was an ARRI 535 B. For me it was the only good way to make the shot and everyone was very happy with it.

Shot Elements


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User Comments
Excellent work in low-mode
Submitted by: Afton on 9 Jan, 22
This movie it's a piece of art !
Submitted by: SM Pro on 9 Jan, 22
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