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Operator Charles Papert IMDb
Year 2002
Production Links Official Site IMDb
Director Matthew Diamond
DP John Inwood
Company 20th Century Fox Television
Length of Shot 2:21
Submitted by SteadiShots
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"Our Own Med Students", By Charles Papert

This shot opens the episode as the actors make their walk into the hospital to begin their day. We travel through the hospital, including multiple levels.


Operator's Commentary
The director of this episode opted to do the entire cold open as a single shot, taking advantage of the fact that "Scrubs" is shot in a decomissioned hospital as a practical location and is lit for daylight, so we could travel from the outside to the inside with only a stop pull at the doors. We did something like 37 takes of this shot, primarily because of the 3-point basketball shot that Donald Faison takes at the beginning--he missed the shot at least 30 of the takes! When the actors load into the elevator, I had to hold my ground as the AC and sound recordist squeezed in next to me and we travelled to the 4th floor of the building. On take 36, as we entered the ICU where the final part of the shot takes place my monitor battery died and I had to finish the shot with no image aka "use the force!" Watching the dailies it was actually better for me than this take, 37, in that the three whip pans on this one weren't quite as good. I tried to convince the editor to make a cut during the first whip pan to the previous take as the performances were very similar, but no dice...

Equipment Used
PRO sled, arm and vest
Aaton 16 XTRPROD

Shot Elements


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