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Average rating 3.69 (34 votes)
Operator Peter Robertson IMDb
Year 2011
Production Links Official Site  
Director Joe Wright
DP Alwin H Kuchler
Company Universal
Length of Shot 3mins
Submitted by Peter Robertson
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"Bahnhof Rumble", By Peter Robertson

The shot is a stake out in a bus station leading to a fight sequence in an underground space.The tension builds as the camera move slowly introduces the hit men following the lead character played by Eric Bana The climax of the shot is a fight sequence choreographed by Jeff Imada (stunt co-ordinator) and Joe Wright (director) conceived as a one shot deal.


Operator's Commentary
The shot covers a lot of ground so physically demanding and also includes an escalator which had to be negotiated backwards.The spiralling camera move at the climax of the shot had to be operated with very precise positions vis-a-vis the actors to sell the hits but without stopping or starting. The first part of the shot across the bus station forecourt was operated standing on a rickshaw to help cover a lot of ground at speed. The step-off comes as the actor enters the waiting area of the station. and the rest of the shot was completed on foot. The exposures varied wildly over the course of the shot so blending the pulls was tricky.

Equipment Used
GPI PRO gen3 rig. Arri LT 35mm camera. Cooke S4. Kodak 500 ASA film rated at 400ASA. Stop pulls between T8-T2.8

Shot Elements




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