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Higgins vs White '82 break from zac nicholson on Vimeo.

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Operator Peter Robertson IMDb
Year 2016
Production Links No Site  
Director Brian Walsh
DP Zachary Nicholson
Company BBC
Length of Shot 02:00
Submitted by Peter Robertson
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The Rack Pack
"Higgins Snooker Break", By Peter Robertson

The shot is a reconstruction of a snooker break performed by Alex 'Hurricane'Higgins against Jimmy White in the 1982 world championship. Higgins was a renowned showman and crowd pleaser, he took very little time to line up and pot shots. The steadicam was used to express the excitement and dynamism of the Hurricane in full flow as he made a break in one of the greatest snooker games of all time.


Operator's Commentary
The key to the success of the shot was being in the right place around the table as the actor, Luke Treadaway makes the pot without stopping or starting and thus breaking the free-flowing feel to the move. The choreography was worked out in pre-vis and had to be followed very closely to allow visual effects to place the balls in the right place. Whilst I was performing the shot there were only a few balls, for reference, on the table. The actor made his shots without any balls and from memorising the moves. We rehearsed the camera move with the actor and nailed the shot in 10 takes.
The whole process took only three hours due to the tight shooting schedule on the project.

Equipment Used
GPI Pro Gen 3. Alexa XT, Primo 21mm. Shooting format was Arriraw

Shot Elements




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