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Operator T.J. Williams Jr. IMDb
Year 2015
Production Links Official Site IMDb
Director Jamieson Fry, Kerrie Kvashay
DP T.J. Williams Jr.
Company Afterglow
Length of Shot 02:06
Submitted by TJ
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The Harder They Come
"Sara Rescues Kutya", By T.J. Williams Jr.

The shot is the climax of a book trailer for T.C. Boyle novel The Harder They Come. We focus on Sara, but start the shot off with Adam psyching himself up outside and taking pulls from his flask to go inside and cause a scene. Once achieved Sara takes the frame and we move with her as she steals away to the employees only section of the pound and rescues her loved dog Cuja. We lead and follow her through the small maze that is the back fenced in area of the pound and find back outside as she finds a back gate to her car.


Operator's Commentary
The shot had a few tough elements, mostly they were timing issues. It was really important to us that the camera kept moving, so all of the entrances, stops, and turns had to be timed out perfectly. We were also working in a live veterinarians office, and didn't have the control to ask people to stop doing what they were doing, so we decided to use the employees as a way to build the tension, and whenever possible included them at the edges of the frame to keep Sara feeling on the run.

Equipment Used
Steadicam, XCS, Pro mash up rig, 3A arm, Tiffen Exo-vest. We shot on a Red Epic with CP2 primes.

Shot Elements
Wild Set


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