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'Sneaky Entrance' - Killing Them Softly from Andrew AJ Johnson on Vimeo.

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Average rating 3.73 (11 votes)
Operator Andrew Johnson IMDb
Year 2012
Production Links Official Site IMDb
Director Andrew Dominik
DP Greig Fraser
Company Plan B
Length of Shot 0:59
Submitted by AJ
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Killing Them Softly
"Sneaky Entrance", By Andrew Johnson

Following the two crooks, we travel down a narrow alley as they sneak into the back entrance of the mob poker game.


Operator's Commentary
This shot was particularly tricky, if not for the narrow entrance and gate but also keeping the perfect distance from the charachter as not to loose them around the corners.

Equipment Used
Pana XL 35mm with C series Anamorphic's

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