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Operator Noël Véry IMDb
Year 1985
Production Links No Site IMDb
Director Luc Besson
DP Carlo Varini
Company Les Films du Loup, TSF Productions, Gaumont
Length of Shot 01:07
Submitted by Forest
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"Raiding the subway", By Noël Véry

This shot is a perfect example of the 1980s rage of "you need a steadicam shot in your movie". It's a relatively long shot, walking down five floors, that allows the director to install the mood of one of the main characters of the movie. No cuts, no machinery, just the actors and their long descent to he underground layers of Paris...

If you look closely, you might see that the actors are having a very hard time trying NOT to look at the operator walking down backwards with 40 pounds of machinery on his back!

It's worth noting that the shot was done on a steadicam 1, with no dynamic balance (it was 1984) and single handed: framing and booming were done with the left hand only, the free right hand used to provide safety in the stairs. Noël Véry actually claims he is very fond of this technique as it does indeed provide much more safety and enables anchoring the operator whenever that's needed.


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