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Steady Shot - Il divo from Alex Brambilla on Vimeo.

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Operator Alessandro Brambilla IMDb
Year 2008
Production Links Official Site IMDb
Director Paolo Sorrentino
DP Luca Bigazzi
Company Indigo film
Length of Shot 00:57
Submitted by Alex Brambilla
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Il divo
"The party", By Alessandro Brambilla

Steadicam long shot, operator climbs up and down a ramp built in the middle of a very crowded party


Operator's Commentary
The film was about a certain period in recent Italian history where mafia politics and hidden powers are displayed by director Paolo Sorrentino in a way that made the film successful all over Europe even in countries that were not familiar with the history of Italy.
This one minute long shot shows a party held by a corrupted minister in his villa, the camera goes trough five rooms, claiming up and down a ramp and flying high above a crowd of people dancing.
When Sean Penn saw the film in Cannes he told Paolo Sorrentino he would have loved to be in his next film.
We actually shot "This must be the place" by P.Sorrentino and starring Sean Penn a couple of years after that, but that's a different story...

Equipment Used
Arricam LT, 24mm on GPI PRO

Shot Elements
Crane Step On/Off


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