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Shame from Sustainable Dave on Vimeo.

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Operator David Chameides IMDb
Year 2011
Production Links No Site  
Director Steve McQueen
DP Sean Bobbitt
Company Shame Pix
Submitted by Dave
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"Shame Montage", By David Chameides

Three scene montage. The last two shots are off of a griptrix (sp?) electric cart.


Operator's Commentary
The first shot is actually a recent fav of mine. We did a 2 minute "lock off" in the moving car just prior to the shot here and then headed onto the platform and up the stairs. The idea was to make it look as cramped and frantic as possible so as I was heading after him out the door I purposely threw some slop into my framing by readjusting as I went. Wasn't sure how it would work but I think it did the job of giving some extra energy. The stairs were tough enough so I didn't really have to add anything there. Then up top, I tried to smooth it out as much as possible. Kudos to the 1st Ludovic Littee for not only keeping everything in focus while dodging pedestrians, but nailing a really type wrap around at the end!

The last two shots are off of a griptrix electric cart. I really love that the director, Steve, one of the best I've worked with, allowed the whole jogging shot to play. Really nice and i like how the avenues open up to see the city at night.

Between Steve and DP Sean Bobbit, this was one of the best collaborative environments I have been on and a joy to shoot.

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