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Average rating 4.03 (22 votes)
Operator Doug Walshe  
Year 2012
Production Links No Site  
Director Anthony Woodley
DP Stefan Mitchell
Company Outpost 11
Length of Shot 3:18
Submitted by Doug WALSHE
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Outpost 11
"Outpost 11", By Doug Walshe

This is subtle, slow, little 'oner', many elements are revealed while the voiceover tells the story.


Operator's Commentary
This was great fun to shoot- we needed to create many frames, either by revealing or creating a fixed 'lock off' while following then leaving and then picking up the actor as he meanders through the eerie room.

The tricky aspect was not revealing everything at once as the set was small, so we switched to a 50mm CP2 lens to allow to create more shape in the shot, we also worked on to planes of field- lower and higher (boom up, boom down!) creating more freedom for us.

Using a Cannon 5D was also a pain as it's a tiny camera, which I ended up strapping 10KG to..

Equipment Used
Cannon 5d, 50mm CP2 lens,

Shot Elements




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