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Operator Pal Aleksander Odden  
Year 2011
Production Links No Site  
Company Volkswagen
Length of Shot 0:32
Submitted by Pal Aleksander Odden
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Volkswagen Original Service
"Volkswagen Original Service", By Pal Aleksander Odden

This shot starts in a locker room, whips to a car workshop, slides over a book and a computer, then whips to a shop window on a rainy day, tracks back and flyes through a wall revealing three clocks on a wall, track out to see a service desk and then CGI takes over.


Operator's Commentary
This was a somewhat complicated shot to pull off due to all elements in it.

We were flying between four sets in a studio, one set with rain tower and a crane step on in between two of the sets. We had to secure the camera for water, and we had a rain deflector on the lens. I think we shot on a 24mm Ultra Prime, if memory serves. We shot on the Alexa with the Codex on top, which all in all makes a very heavy setup along with the raindeflector and Arri WFU.

The main challenge was to get the timing right. We had to be exactly 35 seconds to leave time for CGI and logo within the total 45 sec limit of the spot. We struggled a long time to get the step on as smooth as possible timing wise. We had the step on, securing and liftoff happening simultanously to avoid having the shot stopping up for a second. I think we got as close as we could within a one day shoot :) The crane was a MovieTech MT-400 with custom platform. We also had a moving wall being pushed in while the camera centers on the clocks. It is seamlessly in place when the camera tracks out a few frames later on. A lot of timing all the way!

We did around 20 takes, of course the one used was the one I´m least happy with. We had 3-4 very good ones, but this had a micro roll in it when the framing lands after the whip pan to the second set (the car workshop). But I guess acting will always come before camera...doh!

It would be great to get some feedback on it. Crazy idéa and probably not the everyday shot we do the rest of the year!

Equipment Used
MK-V Nexus sled, Master arm
Arri Alexa w. Codex
MovieTech MT-400

Shot Elements
Crane Step On/Off
Whip Pans




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