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Average rating 3.43 (33 votes)
Operator Doug Walshe  
Year 2011
Production Links No Site  
Company farzana films
Length of Shot 1:14
Submitted by Doug Walshe
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"Ayesha Shot compilation", By Doug Walshe

3 Demonstrations of subtle use of a Steadicam. The shots are smooth, Horizons are level and the pace is solid.


Operator's Commentary
Hi, starting to get some of my work back now so I thought I would post a couple of nice and simple shots:

Shot 1 and 2, a simple demonstration of a walk and talk side track on a busy street in London using a subtle jib and pan to start with a 35mm lens which edit's nicely with the frontal punch in shot which follows using a 50mm.

There's slight re-frame right at the start of the first shot where I step off a curb and the guy in the lorry has no idea why he is being filmed!

The 3rd and final shot is simple 180 degree shot in low mode using a 50mm lens which begins and ends with a lock off. It's quite smooth and slow which can be tricky on a 50mm.

Equipment Used
Red MX,
Cooke S4- 35mm and 50mm
Action cam Rebel pro

Shot Elements




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