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Inocencia (2010) from Ignacio F. Rodó on Vimeo.

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Operator Javier Rueda IMDb
Year 2010
Production Links Official Site IMDb
Director Ignacio F. Rodó
DP Javier Rueda
Length of Shot 9:04
Submitted by Javier Rueda
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"9m park walkthrough ONEer", By Javier Rueda

This longshot was made with a lightweight steadicam (Glidecam Pro 4000) with a Sony PMW-EX1. We wanted to achieve a not hard stabiization, to make the movement feel like a little bit "floating style": in this short, the cam is almost another character with is own point of view.

The shot was difficult because we had only half an hour to achieve it (for lightning purposes we needed to shot it in the magical hour) and the choreography was very rigid, specially when I do several circular rotations and I have to be in the right position when one character pushes away the other one. Other key moment is when two characters go fighting in the ground and steadicam perfoms a Dutch framing, specially when steadicam return to normal axis at the same time that goes up with the character. In the end of the shot, a non expected huge amount of wind made us difficult to stabilize the backwards movement because of the lightweight configuration of the system. We had all the day to train this longshot.


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