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Average rating 4.10 (1093 votes)
Operators Amando Crespo IMDb
  Amando Crespo IMDb
Year 2010
Production Links No Site IMDb
Director Cristina Molino
DP Cristina Molino
Company Think mol
Length of Shot 02:19
Submitted by Amando Crespo Gonzalez
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¿Te vas?
"All quiet.", By Amando Crespo and Amando Crespo

A slow and smooth walk between actors, frozen in the time.


Operator's Commentary
Silvia has been trapped for a long time in a world she wants to escape from. But today is a different day. She has made a decision: her life will change. This might be her only chance to succeed. How many princesses trapped in a tower do we know? How many stories like this have we heard? History is full of them. Time goes by and these princesses still exist. What is written behind these legends of dragoons, princes and princesses? Once upon a time... The reality.

Equipment Used
Sled: Ultra2, Camera: Red one, lens: Ultra prime, f: 5.6... (I´ll upload more info).

Shot Elements


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