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Massive Attack - Unfinished Sympathy
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Operators Dan Kneece IMDb
Year 1992
Production Links Official Site  
Director Baillie Walsh
DP John Mathieson
Company Virgin Records
Length of Shot 5:20
Submitted by SteadiShots
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Massive Attack
"Unfinished Sympathy", By Dan Kneece

Before the digital age of unlimited takes, unlimited footage, and 6 pound cameras, music videos were still made... the old fashioned way. Starting with a very interesting closeup, backing up on a crane before settling back down to find the talent, much of what is interesting about this video is the action taking place in the background. Well choreographed and executed.


Operator's Commentary
This shot was done in the early 90's, long before Segways, with an Arri III, a 3 to 1 Cooke lens (heavy), a 400ft mag, and a Precision Speed Control as to fit the entire song on a 400ft roll we had to speed up the song and slow down the camera to make it fit. They then resolved it in post. The camera, all the attachments, and three remote motors ... Read Morefor the lens weighed it at more than a 35BL. The shot started out with me on a Shotmaker arm which yanked me up in the air, then back down where I leaped off running and stayed that way for 6 blocks. LA blocks! At the end of the takes I sat on the tailgate of a pickup truck and they drove me back to one. I made it through 6 takes before I was totally exhausted and could do no more.

Equipment Used
Arri III


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