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Operator Andrew Johnson IMDb
Year 2005
Production Links Official Site  
DP Lindsay Adams
Company Wea/Warner
Length of Shot 3:52
Submitted by SteadiShots
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Thirsty Merc
"Wasting Time", By Andrew Johnson

Music video consisting of three Steadicam shots, and one green screen. The first shot is impressive - taking the singer out of the house, down stairs, and outdoors to continue walking at a rather brisk pace, leading the entire time. The shot of the full band has moments of excellent slow, smooth movement - something that's perhaps more difficult than even the stairs.


Operator's Commentary
This was one of my first steadicam gigs. It consists of three steadicam shots (and one green screen car shot) The first shot coming down the stairs was very tricky, or so I thought because the first take ended up being the best. I seem to recall that the iris motor did not work on the first take (for some reason) which is why the first 15 seconds or so is very grainy. I ended uo being one of those 'happy accidents' which actually worked well! the third shot was the nothing tricky in the third shot tracking around the band except for the speed which i had to get around. The fourth shot was hard monuted from the back of one of the band members trucks. Looking back at this no budget music clip, made with a bunch of film-making friends reminds me that the simplest way is often the best!

Equipment Used
old Master Series sled! ARRI 16ST!

Shot Elements


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