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Operator Charles Papert IMDb
Year 2002
Production Links Official Site IMDb
Director Matthew Diamond
DP John Inwood
Company 20th Century Fox Television
Length of Shot 0:30
Submitted by SteadiShots
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Episode: My Blind Date
"MRI Lab", By Charles Papert

Charles Papert scores a great little cameo appearance on the show as a befuddled MRI Technician. It seems his comedic ability rivals that of his operating ability.


Operator's Commentary
Before rehearsing a scene during the daily grind at Scrubs, I randomly asked the director who would be playing the non-speaking part of the MRI tech. He replied that it wasn't cast, and they would pick someone out of the extras. For some reason I volunteered and this was the result. I thought it was totally over the top but Marc thought it worked fine. The tussle between me and the other tech, who had probably 100 lbs on me, ended with me flat on my back and legs sticking up visible through the window. But the real comedy came when the show was due to air, and the shrugging clip appeared in the promo. Then it made its way into the Scrubs clip reel used at the upfronts in New York that year, and when the pre-fall season promos came around that next summer, the single shot representing this show was not that of Zach Braff or the other actual, SAG-card carrying stars of the show but yours truly (prompting Zach to confront me, "Dude, what the f***? You're not even an actor!" No kidding Zach--that much is obvious.

I may not have been wearing pants.

Equipment Used
my own dumb face


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