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Operators David Chameides IMDb
Year 2001
Production Links Official Site IMDb
Director Richard Kelly
DP Steven B. Poster
Company Pandora Cinema
Length of Shot 0:51
Submitted by SteadiShots
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Donnie Darko
"In the Halls", By David Chameides

A very clever sequence to establish multiple characters in a single shot. The shot manipulates time (much like the rest of the film) giving each character a different moment. Geographically, a single school hallway is a relatively static set. By moving in and around our characters, the shot becomes very fluid and dynamic, sustaining interest throughout.


Operator's Commentary
This was a fun one as I think it's a great way to do what would have otherwise been a very straightforward shot, introducing the characters a hallway, and put a twist on it. Richard Kelly the director had a really good sense of what would work. From a technical point of view the tough part was that we were doing all of the speed changes in camera with a huge honkin' cable attached. Made the whip pans oh so much fun. Norman Parker was my assistant on that show (although he would definitely tell you that i was his op not the other way around) and as we went though the shot, he had to anticipate the moments and speed change accordingly. He nailed it on every take.


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