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Operator Kirk Gardner IMDb
Year 1995
Production Links No Site IMDb
Director Marc Rocco
DP Fred Murphy
Company Warner Brothers
Length of Shot 1:49
Submitted by SteadiShots
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Murder in the First
"You Got the Case", By Kirk Gardner

This shot leads the characters around the building as they discuss the new case. It contains a flight of stairs that is executed very well.


Operator's Commentary
OK. Once again thank you for this shot. This was a first I believe. Richard Mull Key grip extrodinare created something I have never seen. He put me on a dolly and the dolly on a crane. The crane drops the dolly down onto awaiting track. The dolly is pushed off the crane and onto the track. At the end of the tracking shot I step off the dolly and begin walking backwards with actors, then track them up the staircase and onto the landing. "A tidbit. This is a period piece film, but notice at the end of the shot an modern orange ladder over Christain Slater's left shoulder." I cringe everytime I see that ladder. Needless to say I am a stickler for ladders.

Equipment Used
Steadicam, Chapman dolly, Chapman crane (Kenny was the operator of that crane. I know you all know kenny with the Ponytail) Chapman track. And pure muscle (mines)

Shot Elements
Crane Step On/Off


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