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Operator Patrick de Ranter IMDb
Year 1994
Production Links No Site  
Director Michel Gondry
Length of Shot 4:01
Submitted by SteadiShots
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"Lucas With the Lid Off", By Patrick de Ranter

An amazing music video shot in one take. Incorporating very disorienting choreography between the camera and singer, as well as many dutch angles and sets that seemed to be built by MC Escher. It's one that really has to be seen to fully be understood.


Operator's Commentary
It was my first meeting with Michel Gondry. When I came in the studio everything was ready, really well done with all the front projections, the mirrors effects, the run for Lucas and the singers...Brilliant.I had a Steadicam 3A and an ARRI 3. It's a real one shot with no additionnal post-production effects. We did a lot of dutch rolls and 18 takes. At the end of the day we where all physically dead...
10 years after, Gondry called me for the steadicam on "The science of sleep". He is still the same : genious.

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