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Operator David Luckenbach IMDb
Year 1998
Production Links Official Site IMDb
Director Chris Carter
Company 20th Century Fox Television
Length of Shot 6:25
Submitted by SteadiShots
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X-Files, The
Episode: (6:03) Triangle
"FBI Headquarters", By David Luckenbach

The X-Files episode "Triangle" was one of the most creatively shot episodes of the entire series. Chris Carter envisioned one episode made of four non-stop, real-time shots.

In this shot, we follow Anderson's character around the FBI building as she tries to gain information regarding the whereabouts of her partner.

Although the intention was to have continuous takes, edits were necessary, but well hidden. The primary place edits took place in this shot were the elevator. Since it was a sound stage, the elevator did not actually move. Each time characters needed to change floors, the set needed to be redressed.

Contrary to that point was one sequence of floor changes in which the sets were changed as they shot. This had to be well rehearsed as the crew needed to be moving very quickly as soon as the doors shut.


Operator's Commentary
This was a fun, challenging and very exhausting episode that shot for approx. 10 days. We were shooting 12 to 14 hr. a day with the steadicam and by day three I seriously had my doubts that I could hold up for the duration of the shoot, but after that day the fatigue factor seemed to level off.

Getting in the VW van was a big challenge. Tommy Doherty the key grip built a wooden bench inside the van with a very slick surface for me to sit on. The plan was for me to sit down and then slide across into the car. The problem was, as soon as I took one foot off the ground my momentum would completely stop. To get the shot my Assistant Trevor Loomois had to stop pulling focus at the point of entering the car and literally push me into the van, then he would jump in. Yes it was very tight and I did have to bend a little and lower my head to enter. On the first take the actor who was driving popped the clutch which sent me flying right at Gillian Anderson, I stopped myself by extending my left arm ( I operate"goofy") and grabbing the seat back behind her. Initially I was very worried because a few days prior to shooting this part of the sequence I confidently stated “It shouldn’t be a problem to get into the van”.

Equipment Used
G.P.I. Pro, Panavision LWT Body, VW Van

Shot Elements


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