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Operators Charles Papert IMDb
Year 2003
Production Links No Site IMDb
Director Mark Rucker
DP Kelly Evans
Company Aviator Films
Length of Shot 0:51
Submitted by SteadiShots
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Die, Mommie, Die!
"Follow the Tray", By Charles Papert

A game of "follow the tray" becomes a very slow rotation around the speaker, eventually going down on one knee for the final closeup.

Papert has earned a reputation for amazing slow moving shots. Operating a Steadicam at a slow pace is much more difficult than at a fast one. Eliminating the smallest of wobbles that exist in virtually all Steadicam shots is a skill requiring a great dedication to the craft.


Operator's Commentary
One of the tried-and-true gimmicks for a shot at a bar or a party is to follow the tray of drinks to a character. This one had a nice spin on it in that we rediscover the tray halfway through. There are a lot of choices to be made by the focus puller in a shot like this; when do you shift attention to the background or foreground? I think he did a great job.

And yes, one of those women is not a woman.

Equipment Used
PRO 1, PRO vest and arm
Preston FI&Z
Panaflex LWII

Shot Elements


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User Comments
This is simply mind-blowing. Sublime.
Submitted by: Alan Dague-Greene on 9 Jan, 22
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