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Average rating 3.00 (30 votes)
Operators P. Scott Sakamoto IMDb
Year 2002
Production Links Official Site IMDb
Director Sam Mendes
DP Conrad L. Hall
Company DreamWorks SKG
Length of Shot 1:17
Submitted by SteadiShots
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Road to Perdition
"The Assassination", By P. Scott Sakamoto

A great shot, combining many challenging elements. We start above, looking down as Hanks steps off the elevator. We begin to track Hanks from above, and then slowly begin to drop down to eye level. The tracking continues into the hotel room where the assassination takes place. We end on a very clever way to show what has happened in the other room, without moving the camera.


Shot Elements
Crane Step On/Off

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Submitted by: Alan Dague-Greene on 6 Jul, 03
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