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Contribute an Article

The articles section of SteadiShots was created for a continued exchange of news, information, and anecdotes from the Steadicam community. Although comments may be submitted for the published articles, this section should not be used as a discussion board - i.e. please don't submit questions seeking answers.

The section is primarily driven by the SteadiShots Blog on the website. If you have something you wish to publish, you may do so a variety of ways:

  • Publish directly to the blog - The easiest option. You may request to be added to the blog as an author. Contact the administrator and make your request. Please include a brief description of what it is you'd like to publish. Once accepted, you'll be able to author your own posts at your will. Your articles will be published immediately.
  • Author an email - Simply type up your article in an email and send it to Feel free to include attachments.
  • PDF - Author your article in any other software, and export it as a PDF file. Email just the PDF file to
Submissions via email will see a delay in publishing since they will need to be transfered from the email to the blog. Please only attach PDF, JPG, and GIF files to emails. Any other attachments can easily be caught in a spam trap.


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