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About is a site where the skills of the men and women responsible for some of the most memorable shots in television and cinema history are put on display. It is a site where professionals and admirers of the industry can come and learn about the organization required to create something that, when viewed on screen, seems so effortless.

Behind the camera of the shots on this site is an entire team of people all operating in harmony to make the perfect product. On the front lines of this team is one solitary craftsman — the Steadicam Operator. It is a person whose profession takes a lifetime to master.

Usually found about halfway down the list of credits, the Steadicam Operator is one of the most skilled and hardest working people in show business. This site is dedicated to them.

The mission of is to educate and inspire its visitors. Whether they be professionals, amateurs, or simply an interested audience member, this is a place to learn about what actually goes into making the great entertainment we see in the theatres and on television. is a study of filmmaking on an individual shot level, focusing on the field of Steadicam operation. It was created by Afton Grant, SOC, a Steadicam owner and operator from New York. In listening to the conversations of other operators, it seemed as though shots, operators and productions were often discussed, but there was rarely actual footage to support the conversations. With a background in internet development, Afton set out to provide that resource.

For those that do not know, the Steadicam* is actually a combination of several large pieces of equipment, worn on the operator's body that support the camera. The design of the equipment allows for the operator to walk and move about, without translating his or her footsteps or other vibrations into the lens, and subsequently the shot. There is plenty of information on the Internet about how the Steadicam works, how it is operated, and what it is like to be an operator. A simple search engine query will return thousands of results. is entirely non-profit. It invites collaboration and the exchange of information. It is an entirely free service to use. Revenue from advertising covers operating costs only.

*"Steadicam" is actually a brand name trademarked by The Tiffen Corporation ( Today there are many other highly reputable manufacturers that make stabilization equipment to perform the same function. However, Steadicam being the first of its kind, its name has become synonymous with all brands of equipment in the industry.


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