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Q&A with Dave Chameides
By: AMG - 30 Oct, 2012
Do you remember the first time you saw or heard of the Steadicam?----I was in school at NYU working as an AC on a "feature" called Crawdaddies in upstate NY. Horror movie, no pay, mud, sleeping on the ground if we did, ahh the glory of youth and being a filmaker. Anyhoo, this guy named Bob Fiske who I am still friends with came out with this contraption he had built out of things he had lying the full article

Q&A with BJ McDonnell, SOC
By: AMG - 22 Feb, 2012

The "Big" Rig Dilemma
By: Tom - 12 May, 2011

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Before Sunset
by Jim McConkey. 2004

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Production Title Operator
The broken heads "Fine and Dandy" Matthieu Lornat
Matthieu Lornat
Shame David Chameides
Chlorine Free Téva Vasseur
Outpost 11 Doug Walshe
Volkswagen Original Service Pal Aleksander Odden
Werckmeister Harmonies Jörg Widmer
Ayesha Doug Walshe
Inocencia Javier Rueda
¿Te vas? Amando Crespo
Amando Crespo
The Small Monty Doug Walshe
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